OET for Nurses with SLC, Europe’s first accredited provider. Internationally trained nurses need a grade B in each of the four papers in OET Nursing – Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking – to register in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or Singapore.

Grade B is an advanced level, equivalent to C1 in the Common European Framework or 7 in the Academic IELTS test. It is not easy and requires training on language, skills and test techniques. However, achieving grade B is a clear indication that a nurse has the right language skills to work safely and effectively in an English-speaking environment.

OET for Nurses: Expert coaching tailored to what you need

If you want to score the level required by the country you want to work in as a nurse, typically a minimum grade of B in the four language skills, then our online coaching courses will help you. Specialist Language Courses (SLC) is delighted to announce that we are the first training company in the UK and Europe to be accredited by the OET as a Premium Provider – one of only 5 worldwide.

Tuition can be combined with Reach OET B, our accredited self-study course.

How Online OET Preparation Coaching works:

  • Needs Analysis

    We ask you about your current skills level in detail, including any past test results. We also ask you to complete a piece of test-focused writing. This allows us to plan your coaching sessions in advance.
  • Trainer Assignment

    You tell us when you are available for lessons, so we can assign the right trainer to coach you. Lessons are online, so we work with you wherever you are. Trainers are given a full briefing on what you need.
  • OET Preparation Coaching

    Your coaching sessions are designed specifically around your needs and skills. They may include detailed feedback on how to improve your writing, practice Speaking tests, and sessions on exam strategy, for example.
  • Feedback and Review

    We take regular feedback from you so everyone is working together to make sure you are making maximum progress.

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